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  • Dionne Kennedy

Risk = Success

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Andy Dixon Oatein LTD

At the Wallsend Chamber event our guest speaker was Andy Dixon one of the two founders of ‘Oatein Ltd’.

Two local lads from the North East with an idea, playing to their individual strengths took their business plan and ran with it. There was no BS; it was open and honest; the highs and low of a business.

Andy said ‘For every one step forward we have taken ‘2 kicks in the teeth back!’ They have taken some calculated risks and some with just ‘gut feeling’ but they always push through the barriers.

They even presented on Dragons Den!!

Oats & Protein = ‘Oatein’

Great brand, great products, great journey = great success

So as I continue my earlier stages of my business, I need to keep breaking down those barriers and taking more risk and with it comes more grit and determination!! Hope you all have had a productive week and enjoy your weekend.

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