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Empower Your Leaders for Lasting Impact

Our Elite Leadership Programme is a series of four interactive in person workshops designed to unlock leadership potential and drive extraordinary results through effective leadership and team management, particularly in manufacturing and engineering, and businesses with multiple sites. 

This is a culture-changing experience that will ignite leadership capabilities and transform their approach from managing small teams to leading larger teams across the site and even across multiple sites.

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Through our workshops, we create challenging and empowering environments where the leaders can feel safe to:

Harness the power of influential leadership creating a transformational change in individuals and teams

Master the art of building meaningful and lasting connections with a more personal and sincere approach to help individuals reach their potentials; 

Show their vulnerability and get comfortable with the uncomfortable so that they can be authentic and create a transparent leadership style.

Dionne is fully transparent and her leadership style drives high engagement. Dionne empowered me to achieve my potential which raised my profile within my current role of Operations Manager



What is Influential Leadership?

Influential Leadership is an empowering leadership style that allows a business to change direction and the desired outcomes with ease.

This requires a different level of leadership including:

a focus on communication (in particular the format and how a message is delivered),

engaging with individuals and understanding the teams that they’re leading (such as the drivers of their “why”),

using metrics and sharing information to take team members on the journey of the site and company vision, showing them how they contribute to that vision.

Central to this leadership approach is communication, trust, accountability and clarity on the next step of the journey at each turn.

During the four tailored workshops, leaders will be led through these key topics, gaining tools, insights, and strategies to help them thrive in today's complex business landscape. As a result, leaders will recognise that the business deliverables and culture is a reflection of their leadership, and this can evolve.

This transformative programme is tailored to support manufacturing and engineering businesses in developing the unique skills of site leadership that are intrinsic to how we lead our employees for business success.


This programme is delivered in four full day workshops that have been designed to draw out qualities that are both hidden within ourselves and needed in engineering and manufacturing businesses, creating an experience of vulnerability, breakthroughs and transformation.

You can identify leaders from across your business or we can tailor this to the specific needs of your senior leadership team, allowing them to come together and explore deeper-level connections within their team and harness their leadership abilities.

We believe that high-performing leaders can foresee and overcome any challenges that they may be presented with.  It’s by bringing leaders together, connecting their values, and aligning the business goals, that they become a force of leadership that excels.

Commencing the program with a foundational understanding of one another, leaders undergo a transformative journey that culminates in deeper connections, elevated leadership capabilities, and a renewed sense of direction, invigorating their path to leadership excellence."



Workshop 1

Building Connections with Lasting Impact

Establishing meaningful connections is the foundation of exceptional leadership. In this workshop, you'll master the art of building strong relationships, and leverage connections to drive growth and collaboration. 


Through interactive sessions,  we will explore the more personal and motivational aspects of individuals that create the synergies between relationships in business.


We create an environment that allows all members to build on new and existing relationships through communications and collaboration exercises.


We also look at how we can nurture and grow our professional relationships to drive growth.


One thing we often hear following this workshop is that team members feel more connected to the team, and reach out and communicate more with people they haven’t communicated with in the past.

Workshop 2: Building Trust in Challenging Environments

Trust is one of the fundamental requirements of influential leadership, especially when working in medium to high-risk environments where safety is a major area of focus.

In this workshop, we do two things:

  1. Teach key strategies and techniques to cultivate trust, and foster a positive and inclusive work culture within a site team and across multiple sites.

  2. Use interactive exercises to give team members the chance to practice communicating honestly and openly.


This workshop not only helps to inspire more buy-in among your team members, but it also builds trust and removes barriers, so the team leaves feeling confident they can overcome the specific challenges on their site.


One thing we often hear following this workshop is that the team feels like they’ve got each other’s back, and can test new ideas with confidence.

Workshop 3: Intrinsic Accountability within the Team

Accountability drives success, but nowhere is it more important than in a medium to high-risk environment where people rely on each other to get the job done.


In this workshop, we explore techniques to promote accountability in manufacturing and engineering environments, such as identifying dual roles, where we give additional responsibilities to employees to take ownership of smaller projects and holding and reviewing production meetings to drive a culture of ownership.


One thing we often hear following this workshop is that individuals are taking more ownership of tasks, stepping up as leaders in their teams and performing to a higher level.

Workshop 4: Personal Leadership Planning  

This workshop is focused on helping participants to plan their unique journey as leaders in their teams. This is particularly important when technical leaders are promoted into personal leadership roles.  

We not only teach key strategies for adapting to change and navigating challenging environments, as a result of e.g., economic changes and global impact events but we also:


  • show participants how to build the foresight needed to lead others through this change,

  • teach participants to drive innovation in their teams,

  • help participants translate and demonstrate the company’s vision for the future within their teams. 


We also explore the company’s key goals, break down the key milestones for each leader, and find ways for them to positively contribute to the company’s vision and take full accountability for their role in its success.


We often hear that this workshop helped participants to feel a lot clearer as leaders, to understand what is expected of them, and to communicate and drive the company’s vision more effectively to their teams.


Our approach to this transformational journey

Benefit from a customised programme that caters to individual leader’s growth and addresses the unique needs of your team.

  • Experience interactive and experiential learning activities that ensure immediate application of skills.

  • Foster connections and collaboration.

  • Creating an environment where leaders can feel safe to explore new ways of leadership and share experiences that support the journey of personal growth.

  • See an uplift in team/department performance due to a more engaged workforce

  • The four workshops are delivered across four days (6.5hrs per day). These can be consecutive days, or they can be delivered across a number of weeks to maintain momentum.

  • The group size for leadership across the business is a maximum of eight, however, if this is specifically for the senior leadership team then we can increase the numbers as we would expect them to already have a level of team alignment.


What outcomes can I expect? 

  • A newly energised leader who can naturally influence and lead through challenges

  • A more strategic approach to building employee relationships to create high-performing teams

  • The confidence to be comfortable with the uncomfortable as an authentic leader

  • The skills to create an environment of innovation and collaboration within the team

  • Enhanced ability to deliver clear and concise information to align employees to business goals

  • Confidently lead and manage site-wide initiatives as an influential leader

  • Ability to face and dissolve conflict and bring teams together toward shared goals


The power of influential leadership is at its best when leaders are operating in alignment with business deliverables and creating a culture of empowerment.  This is when leaders have a direct impact on business success and are instrumental in exponential business growth.


If you would like to discuss this programme, please contact me:

Dionne Kennedy

Mobile:  07704380674


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