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Unlocking Potential for Emerging Talent

Our Emerging Talent Programme is a series of five interactive, in person workshops that are designed for up-and-coming leaders, new first-line leaders and talent programmes such as graduates, ambassadors and representatives, particularly in a manufacturing or engineering environment.

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Through our five workshops delegates learn key leadership fundamentals including:

The art of leadership and influential practices, learning how to influence teams and others towards exceptional outcomes for the department and business.

How to build self-confidence and foster a presence that gains respect and empowers the leaders to overcome challenges with a solution-based mindset.

How to deliver key messages and execute these ideas in a language that is understood.  

Setting achievable objectives that are linked to departmental and overall business goals for exceptional performance.

Using business metrics to align people performance for business success.

In manufacturing and engineering, where the demand is placed on productivity and output, we seldom have the time to take a more proactive approach to developing our emerging talent in our teams for succession planning.

Due to business demands, we often find ourselves in a position where we ‘plug a gap’. This mindset emerges from the need to keep production going and we do what is required to achieve our targets.

In the fast-paced and evolving business landscape of today where recruitment is challenging and more job opportunities are available across the sectors, it puts more emphasis on the importance of investing in the development of future talent to retain talent and maintain competitiveness.

This programme does two things.

Firstly, it helps to retain talent by demonstrating a clear focus on talent development, and an investment in the individual’s personal growth.

Secondly, it prepares the business for the future by providing future leaders with essential skills tailored to navigate challenging manufacturing and engineering environments.

This represents an investment in talent, talent pipeline, and business longevity. In addition to this, we are feeding the appetite of our employees for career growth and their capabilities to create a lasting impact on business.


Our workshops are not only educational and inspiring but also fun, interactive, and transformative.

Each delegate will experience reflective learning to see how the new insights apply directly to their role, and transformative realisations where they realise the impact their enhanced leadership skills can have on the team, on team dynamics and on the output of the department.

Based on the training needs analysis of leaders  at this stage, we have devised five key workshops to be delivered in succession:

  1. Communication to Empower Team Success

  2. Presenting with Authority and Impact

  3. Engage and Influence: Aligning Teams Positively to Business Goals

  4. Ownership and Accountability for Personal and Departmental Objectives

  5. Understanding Key Performance Indicators: Metrics to Achieve, Stretch and Exceed

These workshops are best delivered in succession so that delegates can build on the lessons of previous workshops.


We begin with communication – the bedrock of successful teams and businesses, covering the importance of communication and how we deliver key messages through an influential language and leadership style.

We then move on to learn about presenting with authority and impact, covering techniques in storytelling and engaging the audience at all levels. This leads to engaging and influencing, teaching delegates how to align their teams to hit business goals, and the power of building a reputation as a positive influencer in the department.

Next, we explore ownership and accountability in business, with delegates learning why this is paramount to achieving targets and delivering on customer expectations. This creates a natural progression to the final workshop on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), teaching delegates how KPIs are set, why they’re important, and how the effective management of KPIs leads to the longevity and growth of a business.



The inspiring and challenging Emerging Talent Programme consists of five immersive workshops, each lasting two hours.

Each workshop can be completely tailored to the needs of the business, and Dionne will meet with the business beforehand to set objectives, understand the landscape and adapt the programme to your bespoke needs.  

The workshops can accommodate up to 10 delegates. This creates a focused and personalised learning experience with each delegate getting the chance to participate as a group, and also receive one-to-one support.

The Emerging Talent Programme is uniquely designed to empower newly promoted first-line leaders and any emerging talent that has been identified for career development. This programme provides them with the tools, insights, and connections necessary to help them in their role as a leader or as a business advocate that will influence for success.

This transformative journey will not only enhance their capabilities but also create synergies within the group that will create a united approach to driving organisational excellence.



What’s covered?


Workshop 1

Communication to Empower Team Success

Effective communication is the foundation of successful leadership. This workshop focuses on enhancing communication skills by teaching delegates:

  • How to articulate ideas;

  • How to create a culture of collaboration; and,

  • How to use communication to build influential networks.

Strong communication is vital in engineering and manufacturing environments for both performance and engagement. This is especially relevant in target-driven environments when ‘effective touch-points’ can have such a powerful impact on the output of the day.

Following this workshop, we often hear how delegates feel more confident approaching difficult situations, communicating key messages, but also adapting their style to each unique situation, communicating with impact. 


Workshop 2

Presenting with Authority and Impact

Presentations are a powerful tool for driving business success. Our training hones presentation skills to perfection by teaching:

  • How to captivate audiences through storytelling;

  • How to deliver messages with impact; and,

  • How to build rapport and create meaningful connections with different audiences, at different levels.

Delegates will get the opportunity to create a short presentation and deliver it to the rest of the group, putting their new skills in to practice.

These skills are essential for emerging leaders to effectively communicate their ideas and influence stakeholders.

Following this workshop, delegates tell us that realising presentations are just like telling a story, it helps to ease the anxiety prior to presenting.


Workshop 3

Engage and Influence: Aligning Teams Positively to Business Goals

Engaging and influencing others is crucial for effective leadership when delivering on key business objectives. Our training equips delegates with strategies and techniques to inspire and motivate their teams or peer groups, fostering a culture of high performance and collaboration.

We do this by:

  • Teaching how to get ‘buy-in’ through engaging at various points; and, 

  • How to influence people at different levels to get positive outcomes for the business.

In engineering and manufacturing environments, it's not just the level of authority that has an impact, but the ability to engage and influence others.

Following this workshop, we often hear that learning the power of influencing is as powerful as leadership. You don’t need to be in a leadership role to lead people through change: Advocates are leaders too.


Workshop 4

Ownership and Accountability for Personal and Departmental Objectives

Exceptional leaders exhibit traits of ownership and accountability. Our programme instils a strong sense of responsibility, teaching delegates to take ownership of their tasks, projects, and teams by:


  • Identifying key ways to embed ownership in each individual; and

  • Showing how to measure ownership and accountability through the KPIs.

By driving results and achieving outstanding outcomes, emerging leaders in engineering and manufacturing can gain trust and understand how their contributions align with business deliverables.

Following this workshop, we often hear how ownership and accountability can create high-performing teams when each individual fosters this work ethic.

Workshop 5

Understanding Key Performance Indicators: Metrics to Achieve, Stretch and Exceed

KPIs are essential for showing you how healthy the business (or department) is and, as we know, what we can’t measure we can’t manage. Our training offers a comprehensive understanding of the importance of KPIs.

Delegates will learn how to set meaningful KPIs by:

  • Understanding how to breakdown the overall business KPIs into departmental KPIs;

  • How individual KPIs feed into the department KPIs; and,

  • How to track progress, spot problem areas and drive performance using the KPIs as the metrics.

By managing KPIs, we ensure organisational goals are met and exceeded. Clearly defined KPIs align everyone with business goals, making them particularly relevant in engineering and manufacturing environments where the demand for targets is high.

Following this workshop, we often hear delegates talking about the value of KPIs in their department and introducing more frequent touchpoints with their managers on their performance.


Our approach to this transformational journey

Benefit from a customised programme that caters to individual leaders, advocates and representatives growth, and addresses the unique needs of your team.


Experience interactive and experiential learning activities that ensure immediate application of skills.

Foster connections and collaboration, building relationships in and across departments.  

Create an environment for everyone to have a voice.

The five workshops are delivered across several weeks to maintain momentum and are flexible to the business demands.

The group size for these workshops is 10, which allows an environment for personalised training and a supportive group size.


What outcomes can you expect?

  • Delegates feel empowered to apply new learnings and step forward, to make a change

  • Engage and influence in all areas of the business with all levels of stakeholders

  • Execute messages with conviction

  • Have a clear sight of what is required as a high performer in business

  • Increased ownership over personal performance

  • Greater communication across teams and departments

  • A greater sense of ‘team’ and collaboration across the business (in place of silo thinking)


This training will give the delegates what is needed to advance in their career, allowing them to excel in their existing role and show their capabilities for future opportunities


If you would like to discuss this programme, please contact me:

Dionne Kennedy

Mobile:  07704380674


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