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"There is no Limit to what you can overcome"

Whatever is holding you back from making change is only temporary. The key is to realise where you are and what you can do right now.


Think about all the obstacles you've overcome in the past, how you made the effort and got your life back on track. Although it seemed scary at first, you found your way out.


Sometimes all we need is the right guidance and now is the time to get geared up, to discover the opportunities waiting for you.

In my 16 years of coaching people to gain clarity and make change, I've developed a tried and tested system that has worked in turning goals into results. It is sure to work for you.

My proven system is simple


Phase 1

Exploring your Thoughts

We untangle your thoughts by addressing fears, anxieties and doubts to retrain your mind. Then we tap into your skills and abilities so you have a solid foundation for your next move.

RESULT: Clarity

Phase 2

Rediscover your Passion

We use a step by step process to help you realise your passion and then TEST it. Doing this keeps you motivated and focused on overcoming new fears or worries if they arise.
Passion = Motivation

Phase 3

Build your Network

Progress is usually through people and we show you how to build a supportive career & personal network. Success is directly tied to people in your network and works in propelling you towards improving your net worth.
Your network = Your net worth

Phase 4

Take Action

Your mind is clear, you've tested your passion and built the right network. Now we develop strategies to guide you in taking ACTION. No matter which path you take, you'll know exactly what to do next because you've already done it.
RESULT: Achieving set goals + disciplined mindset

My coaching system is structured to give you exactly what you need at every phase.

You will begin to see results at the end of each phase and you will see yourself growing as we advance.

Wherever you're right now, whether you're looking to rediscover your passion or build your network, my coaching programme will start the journey with you and guide you towards your goals.

Making change is a challenge, but when change means getting the results you want, that's a challenge worth accepting.

Ready to see what I can do for you?

As a coach, I understand the importance of breaking through the barriers that prevent you from becoming the best version of yourself. That’s why my 1-2-1 coaching sessions focus on identifying and working on your self-limiting beliefs. By shifting your mindset and putting the spotlight on your capabilities, you can overcome imposter syndrome and start living up to your full potential.

What Clients are Saying

"I worked with Dionne as my coach for a number of weeks as I was finding it difficult to move forward with some very challenging situations.  I learnt during my coaching sessions that it was how I perceived the challenges that created limiting beliefs in addressing them.

After a number of sessions and starting to change how I viewed these I was able to overcome them with a more focused view and renewed confidence.

I continue to remain in contact with Dionne after having established a great working relationship during the coaching programme. 


I know that I can rely and trust her to support me and help me put things into perspective, which allows me to regain focus.

I would recommend anyone who feels stuck or has lost focus to work with Dionne as your coach, she will give you clarity and confidence to move forward."

T. S

Learning and Development Leader

"Dionne’s inspiration and motivation are infectious, you cannot avoid adopting it.  Dionne listens, hears and delivers 100% using a diversity of knowledge that is vast.  Turning to Dionne for help is an exhilarating experience, a bundle of energy who takes your requirements and makes them her own for a positive return.  An honest and direct approach, identifying my needs and priorities as well as managing my expectations and outlining progressive directions.  My number one turns to’ every time, never disappointed."

S. H

Managing Director

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