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Passion and Drive to make a REAL Impact
Intrinsic Business Consultancy believes in the importance of giving back to the community and helping those less fortunate than ourselves.

(Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) 

Engaging in STEM activities/initiatives is part of Intrinsic Business Consultancy ethos, in order to develop future talent for our industries; to bridge the gaps we see today, we need to invest in the younger generation.  

The children/pupils/students need us to help share stories of experience, give them understanding of the working world and coach them on the right

path of success.

I attend Networks that drives initiatives in schools, colleges and universities, taking a collaborative approach to supporting the young generation.



My future plan is to focus on disadvantaged areas within the North East and look at how we support

the children within those areas.

What support do their families need, what do the children need and more importantly, how can we

give them this support.

I would be interested to work with other businesses that have passion and drive to support such initiatives and make a real impact.

Want to get involved? Click here.

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